The live-streaming platform that we all know and love is stanced and ready to take on it's main competitor YouTube by the horns, throw down it's metaphorical cape and say "we do this now!"

In case you've been living under a rock for the last few years: Twitch is a community-oriented live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast video game, creative or musical content to any number of followers and fans, while they have the ability to chat and interact with the aforementioned streamer. The website has made several different updates and changes but has consistenly been the premiere place for live video game content. However, all of that is about to change. 

A few days ago, just in time for TwitchCon, Twitch announced via the official Twitch blog that users now have the ability to upload fully edited videos straight to their channels. Similar to a fashion we are already familiar with in the form of YouTube. To quote, users can expect to be able to "upload videos from your video manager", "notify followers when a new video is published" and "download past broadcasts to make highlights". In addition to this; the uploads themselves have no expiration as VODs once did, meaning fans can go back and watch the highlighted content as much as they want. 

The development of it is therefore still, development. It is somewhat expected that users who experience the beta should report issues and feedback, as any beta tests do. The blog states...

" Over the years, lots of users have asked us to add uploads to Twitch, so we want all users to have a
voice in shaping the future of uploads. As a result, we're introducing a new kind of beta focused on open
outreach to the entire Twitch community."

Basically, this means "it was your idea, so help us make it better". Users can critique or feedback in two ways: through their uploads product forum and through the Twitch Uploads Curse server. Bugs et al can also still be reported to Twitch Support. The actual feature itself is currently in beta and so will have hiccups along the way. 

This being said, as a YouTuber myself who knows many other YouTubers, the feature is welcome. While YouTube is a very well presented platform, it has undergone many changes that have left users feeling bitter, as well as recieving a good deal of negative press as of late via the discovery of the demonetisation algorithm and the announcement of YouTube Heroes. It will be interesting to see just how many people will use both Twitch and YouTube or jump ship altogether and solely use Twitch uploads. 

This is a very bold move by Twitch, as it seems they are poised and ready to take on their main competitors, YouTube, head on. In a similar way to how they previously took on Twitch with YouTube Gaming. The upload feature, however, is already very welcomed. Many users of both YouTube and Twitch tweeting their interest in the feature; myself included. This is an exciting update to the website and I am fascinated to see where they go next. I personally will definitely be using this to its full advantage. 


To read the full blog post about Twitch Uploads, you can read it here: 

The live-streaming platform that we all know and love is stanced and ready to take on it's main competitor YouTube by the horns, throw down it's metaphorical ca