Mass Effect: Andromeda Early Access Starts...Early

Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn't officially launch until March 21st, but EA and Origin Access members were slated to get an early look at the game from March 16th. According to multiple sources, the PC version will be live yet this evening. 

PCGamesN reported that evidence was found that shows the Origin Access Trial begins today at 5:30 PM EST. The EA Access version's launch time has not been confirmed as of this writing. We have reached out to our contacts at EA to see if they can confirm or deny this time. The Battlefield 1 Access trial started the day before its announced date last fall as well. 

The 10 hour Access trial lets players try out the campaign and multiplayer. You can only progress up to a certain point in the campaign, but you can play as much of the multiplayer as you'd like within these 10 hours. 

A new companion app was also revealed, the Apex HQ, will let you track progression in the mode which will display information such as which characters you've unlocked, what items you've gathered, and what rewards you've collected. Apex HQ Launches March 20th on Android and iOS. 

UPDATE: We've recieved word (Via an Origin Screenshot) that our above reporting is correct! CLICK HERE.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 March 21st, 2017.