Eye strain, headaches, fatigue...If you've played games or stared at a computer screen for extended periods of time chances are you've experienced one or more of these symptoms. Its no secret that prolonged sessions in front of a screen of any kind can lead to any one of the previously described afflictions and companies such as GUNNAR have strived for years to come up with ways to reduce stress via tinted gaming glasses. These glasses have usually come with a huge caveat however...Cost. A pair of GUNNAR glasses will run you anywhere from $70-$120 USD.

Enter: NoScope Gaming Glasses. With a $19.99 USD price tag, they tout themselves as having all of the benefits of the GUNNAR (and similar) glasses with half the price tag. 

The question before us today; do they work as well or better than other more pricey options? Or are they simply yellow tinted glasses?

No Scope Gaming Glasses

NoScope Glasses (and other glasses of this type) work by filtering out the harsh blue lights emitted by smartphone screens, computer monitors, TV's, and other devices. This allows your eyes to focus easier, improve clarity, and reduces eye strain. NoScope Glasses don't discolor blue text or blue images however, they give a slight yellow tint to your surroundings. Wearing them for an extended period of time, this "tint" becomes natural until you take them off again. 

NoScope Glasses are made by design to be quite big in an effort to be a true "One Size Fits All" solution. Its a shame they don't have other designs currently but these could come in time. For a guy with a larger/wider face like me, they fit no problem. When a co-worker tried them however, they looked quite large on his smaller face. 

Comfort with the NoScope glasses varied depending on who was wearing them. When I wore them, I found them to fit quite snug on the face/nose. However, after extended use I noticed some slight ear discomfort as the bows of the glasses began to dig into the side of my head. Taking them off for a few minutes relieved the issue, however. 

I also found the glasses to be quite durable despite their plastic makings but can easily see how they would not hold up well if not taken care of properly, or if dropped repeatedly. 

While GUNNAR and other companies offer gaming glasses that are compatible with prescriptions, NoScope does not currently offer this and has a disclaimer stating such on their website:

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. NoScope glasses are not medical devices, and should not be used in lieu of seeing a doctor.”

Noscope Glasses.

The NoScope Glasses also come with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a carrying pouch which is a nice touch considering the price point of the glasses. 

NoScope Gaming glasses work as advertised, but the issues with comfort over prolonged use are worrisome as they are supposedly designed for long-term sessions.  

To pick up a pair for yourself, follow the link here and grab them. They have just launched a new, wider range of glasses for you to peruse! Noscope Glasses