The new Ninja theory’s Devil May Cry has been a fantastic reboot of the series which originated from Capcom. Although we remember the old Dante with his long red leather coat & white hair, with his trendy looks. The new Dante proves to be more gothic and now has shorter dark black hair but still retains his long coat look, keeping in with his badass attitude.  New Dante in his human form still keeps his original sword known as Rebellion and his two pistols called Ebony & Ivory. Which means he is maintaining some of his original assets from the old series.

The new DmC offers a lot of interesting but somewhat similar aspect to the original series except instead of both of the brothers Dante and Vergil being half human and half demon, they are now known as Nephilim possessing the powers of both angels and demons. This will prove most useful as you pick up a variety of different weapons throughout the game for both angels and demons. As you battle through enemies that can sometimes only be killed by using either the angel or demon weapons. You will need these powers to battle your way through the game to fight Mundus the demon king.

Throughout the game you will learn more about Dante’s heritage but still have to battle your way through many different variety of demons with some being so difficult on higher difficulties, you’ll just want to pull your hair out. You will learn to master all the different weapons you get to make you way through the game and take on the different bosses you come across, which sometimes can prove annoying with the similar routines required to kill them, unlike the variety of moves and combos you can perform in the normal battle sequences. But this will not stop you from racking up enough combos to go for the almighty SSS sensational rank which gives you that all sense of achievement until an enemy hits you again.

The games environments is not just a pretty face it is also an enemy of its own with every corner and obstacle you jump, you will find it changing, collapsing in front of you and turning pretty much against you. Finding yourself in Limbo the demon world were everything pretty much hates you and wants you to die. To help you get through your environment Dante has some interesting tools from both the demon and angel side which allows you to move objects and saw across open spaces and swing through the skies. Making it challenging at times when some moves just do not want to work for you but once you master them it can make the game even easier to find your way about. The changes of environment will always keep you involved in the game and not drawing your attention away from the story, it will even bring back some memories of the old series. But mostly the environments are more modern and not so castle like from the original series so you will always see something new in this Devil May Cry reboot.

Gameplay will always give you chance to smack, slice and dish out all the demons with all of those awesome weapons that Dante has in his arsenal. Some weapons throughout the game you may favour more than others, but that will not stop you from trying out all the weapons throughout the game as different obstacles will require those specific weapons. Each demon you will find that certain weapons do more damage than others but you will still be able to kick ass and nail them in the end. The games difficulties can also vary with the chance to go for higher difficulties when you complete the game,  you can play through it again to gather items you may of once missed, and kill more variety of demons at a much earlier stage keeping you wanting more and more.

To add to the epic arsenal of weapons throughout the game you will get upgrade points which you can spend improving your weapons capabilities and pretty much turning them into ultimate weapons of destruction. The great thing about the upgrade systems is you get the chance to go in a training mode with an unbeatable enemy to try out these moves, to see whether they work for you or to just beat the crap out of the unbeatable demon. You will also collect lot of red orbs throughout the game which you can use to buy items to help you out when you are in a tight spot, but beware using these items will affect your overall end of mission score.

There are plenty of other mysterious things to find throughout the game like secret missions that require hidden keys to access them, if you hearing some moaning noses it is not your hearing playing tricks on you rather a trapped ghoul which you will find several of in most of the missions you play.

In terms of characters Dante has changed a lot and looks a lot more British now to the original Japanese Dante but they are still both good character designs. But the demons on the other hand are just epic creations of their own with each one having their unique weapons and awesomely disgusting looks, you will find each demon has its own characteristics and crazy behaviour. This will not stop Dante however as many times you will see the only way to get his anger out at them is just to have a good swear up. The more modern change to one character is Mundus the demon king that Dante and Vergil are targeting throughout the game. His appearance is almost like someone from the government but he is someone hiding in disguise revealing a scarier form later on in the game.

From changing environments to awesome new character designs the other thing that has to be mentioned is the amazing music that Ninja Theory has put into this game created by Combichrist and Noisia it is the perfect music for kicking some demon butt.

The new Ninja theory’s Devil May Cry has been a fantastic reboot o