Where Twitch is useful for both putting out content and networking, it's always useful to have other outlets to discuss things with other content creators, viewers, developers and other industry professionals.

One of the most useful and most used social media sites is twitter - a site that allows you to follow the content of relevant people and respond to their messages personally. This is an invaluable networking tool, as well as a way to connect with your audience on a personal level. As far as social media goes twitter is one of the simplest to use and is certainly preferred by the majority of streamers I know due it being so accessible - it allows them to communicate with a wide variety of people from all manner of roles quickly and easily.

There are several other routes you can look at as well, depending on what kind of communication you'd like with people. If you're looking for community driven engagement, try hanging out in streamers discords (or creating your own), building a steam group and using gaming as a platform to strengthen your community or using facebook as an extra promotional or outreach tool.

If you can manage things like Youtube along with maintaining your schedule, this again can give you a helpful boost. Do always be aware however of how much you are committing to. Running a Youtube series can be a real undertaking, and often uploading/recording videos can't be done at the same time as streaming. Make sure you prioritise and only take on as much as you need time for!