This is a difficult one for sure. In a lot of cases, the best thing you can do to get over a fear of streaming is just to do it. Always remember this is your channel, your chat and your rules. If someone comes in and starts poking fun, you have every right to remove them. Often though these individuals are few and far between, and if you can keep up with streaming you'll find you build a community of like minded individuals.

If you find this fear is holding you back, there are a few things you can try to help you settle in and feel safer and more confident before pushing the 'start streaming' button.

  • Try establishing yourself in various twitch communities first. Friends you make in these communities will often have years of experience with the site, and will support you in starting to stream. Having people who understand the ins and outs of streaming is always really valuable, and often they will help give you the boost you need to start.
  • Get one mod (or several) on board. Pick people you can talk to on a regular basis, who can be at your stream and has an understanding of twitch as well as understands what sort of stream you want to run/what sort of community you want to create. Mods are there to look after you as a streamer. If a troll comes by the stream, they're there to squash them before they are a problem.
  • Start streaming with a game that you are familiar with, or that carries subject matter you can discuss at length. That way you know you have plenty to talk about and discuss with any potential viewers, as well as the safety of content you know and understand to begin with. Content you are familiar with is a great way to let your passions shine, use it as a safety net of sorts!
  • Set up your stream in a way that you are comfortable with. If you're confident with a camera then use one, if not then don't roll with one, that's fine too! Don't put any complicated timers or switches into your cast to start with. Keep it simple, keep it you. Your stream is something you can build over time as your confidence increases.