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Greetings Senshudo.TV

Myself and a few other Senshudo.TV community members have recently gotten together and decided to race/record/and upload different character races in rebirth.

We had a tester session last Friday, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, and we will definitely continue this idea

While it is still a friendly thing, my aim is to turn it into something we could run on a bi-weekly basis or something similar

So I decided to make this thread, to see if any one else could be interested.

Our current format is 3 racers, with an overview of progress in the remaining part of the screen, 4 could be a possibility, but could get quite hectic voice-wise

All races would needed to be recorded, and will [hopefully] be uploaded to the Senshudo.TV YouTube channel, as long as you give us permission to do so

I have a basic rule set written up, but cannot access it right now, as I am at work. But if any one is interested or you know of any one interested, then you or they should post in this thread =D

If you want any more information, just ask I'll try my best to get back to you quickly!
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