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Hey Every One I am NERDY DIGGER ( Just a nerd that likes to - Senshudo
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Well, a little about Me :lol:

.... If you know me there is no one word that would describe me... so Lets start after School I started to work as a photographer and loved it but noticed that other people around me got to do things like EAT and go out and the like so I was talking to my roommate at the time and he said he was quitting his job as a photographer at a paparazzi agency it was a smallish Company called OnlineUSA this was 1997 they was the first online Celeb photo agency well it turns out that I drove my friend to his work that day that he was quitting and I interviewed for that same job and I got it well it was a 60-40 split commission job but I was a hard worker so the first weekend I Had heard that Kathy Lee Griffin was going to be in LA shooting a video from her husband and at the time Kathy-lee was the big thing she was on the cover of every mag every week so Needless to say I got great exclusive pictures and they some from cover enquire and about 10 pictures inside the mag I got 60% commission and my take was 18,000 so I was happy I was offered a staff plus 20%commission job with OnlineUSA for 75,000 a year I took it. then from there moved up in the ranks and started my own companies along the way but I did not take care of myself health wise I am Diabetic and I had a couple of Amputations of toes and my right foot below the knee was taken about 2007 and at that time I had Nerve damage in my hands real bad and so I moved away from Holywood ad out to the desert closer to Family my mother was out here and I knew it was cheaper than LA I do some video editing so consulting woth agencys in LA and Other tahn that I play video games !! I know a 41 year old that is god at video games tell me about it but I am I play BO1 and BO2 Zombies mostly but when i am in the mood i play other FPS and GTA that kind of stuff I have a PS7 that is a PS3 and a PS4 sitting next to eash other I started streaming on Twitch and somehow I was susspened from there after 3 months I had over 120,000 page views and 4,500 Followers now I am waiting for the outcome of the susspension but I am streaming on Hitbox.tv. I meet Stewart Marsh (@SweptSquash) on Twitch.tv and he hans out a we talk for hours sometimes ( Once you get me talking there is about nothing that will shut me up so Thaat will bring uyou upto date with me and if you have questions ASk them i am a very interactiove streamer I talk to everone amd I have a teamspeak that is open to my followers What I say is if you piss me off then I will ban you if you are nice I will give you a Secend chance. I consider myself a above average gamer I hae a youtube channel you can check out well thee you go !

Oh and you can find me athttp://WWW.NERDYNATION.CO



[quote]I am Just A Nerd That Likes To Dig and Have FAST internet[/quote][/u][/b]
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Holy wall of text Batman! That's some intro. Welcome :D

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison
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