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honestly do you think sex before marriage is wrong? - Senshudo
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This may be a Polls&surveys question, but it is still a serious question ;)
I'm personally do not think sex before marriage is wrong, because I don't see why two couples have to be married just to try out sexual intercourse. If they end up breaking up soon after they have sex and before getting married, what's the deal?

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As long as its two consenting adults,I think sex before marriage perfectly fine :)

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It wasn't wrong for me, but I can't speak for others. I wouldn't have wanted to wait until marriage since I got married at 29. I'm also really glad to have had the sexual experiences I did prior to meeting my husband. All those experiences taught me what I loved and didn't love in bed, and it taught me how to become a great lover. I personally don't view sex as anything bad, I think it's fun, natural and healthy. I was just never taught that sex was wrong or dirty even before marriage, I'm not religious, so it's always been something that's been enjoyable for me.

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No i dont think so it depends upon human mind.

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its depend on ur religion and beliefs

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