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So this morning we launched our first survey for feedback, so far majority of the feedback has been helpful however some not so useful.

While I appreciate the time people took to enter sensible data for us to use and collect on how we can improve the site entries such as "beep beep I'm a car" will not help us improve the site.

On to the helpful data, while I've been working to improve many elements of the site and the service my next port of call will indeed be the forums as a number of people have said to me how come they still don't look like the site?

To be honest I just haven't had the time while developing the main site, however this will soon change as I change my focus to this and start updating the forums. I hope to have them fully updated to our main site layout by end of February.

Some of you will be asking what improvements to the main site are on the way, let me break those down for you.

Improved Dashboard which will function as the main user control panel where you will be able to update everything about you and your channel.
Simplified Registration process.
Categories will be added to channels.
Games Library allowing you to see previews, reviews and more of games
Improved News.

While I have a lot planned for February in improvements on the site what can I say about LagSpike as a team?

We are continuing to cover events and are gradually planning to cover more, while we are also still in the process of adding more streaming services to the site.

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