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Post by SweptSquash » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:29 am


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Hey Ladies and Gents,

Just thought I'd make a quick post about whats to come this summer to LagSpike TV.

As shows are growing and more people are forever joining us (your souls are now mine mwahaha! [Joking]).

We will be once again updating the look of the website to suite our new Logo, fit smaller screen dimensions as asked, and finally a forum update! Thats right the forums will be getting a massive update to incorporate.... wait for it..... the website layout? :o :o

With majority of the core systems on the site already working this allows me more time to focus on layouts and various other cool features we will be annoucing shortly! So stay tuned for more information!

Till then mind the dust =p

Stewart - Senshudo TV Co-CEO
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