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So December has arrived but the public launch hasn’t why?

Well after a discussion held with the rest of LagSpike TV’s staff and current streamers on the site, we felt it would be best to go for a new year launch date giving us much time to refine the popular features on the site. While there will be things not available initially from the launch we will be adding new features as we advance through 2013. We have some big ideas planned especially when it comes down to allowing our viewers, visitors, broadcasters, and partners finding the right content.

Our number one goal at LagSpike is to be the easiest place for finding those small broadcasts that stand out from the crowd and get the popularity they deserve. While providing ours and the communities views on the latest and greatest gaming news and reviews. You’ll be able to find all the latest shows from our partners on the site also.

Many people have asked us will there be Mobile and tablet apps as well as a mobile version of the site?

I can say as right now while we do have plans to expand into these areas we are currently focusing mainly on the website as of right now.

So how will you go about getting your channel on LagSpike TV on public launch?

Well we’ve made it this simple, just simply click register when we go public and you will be asked if you stream or not, if so you then go through our simple process of what services you use and what the username for that service is. That’s it simple as, once registered you will be able to go in and customize your channel.

Those already registered on the site can currently either apply via our Stream Application section on the forum or wait until we go public where there will be an options via our dashboard.

A few people have also mentioned about the layout of the forums why hasn’t that changed yet?

Well simple put currently there is only myself who is programming away at the site, something that will change next year I’m sure.

So while this post has given you a small glimpse of what’s to come our official press release will be posted up on our main site within the next few weeks giving you a more detail account of what’s to come!

And I hope you will join us for the exciting adventure as we venture into an exciting new direction.

Stewart - Senshudo TV Co-CEO
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