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Exciting Improvements To The Site & TOS Changes (28/8/14) - Senshudo
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This is a spot for you guys to discuss the changes and improvements we mailed out to you today. What do you think?

Hi guys!

Starting today, we are making a few changes in the information we store and how we do it (well, yesterday actually but we wanted to cover everything properly in this email). In the interests of being entirely transparent about the information we gather, why we gather it and what we do with it, we’re dropping you an email to advise you of the updates we’ve performed.

We have made some updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service that you can feel free to find at http://senshudo.tv/privacy and http://senshudo.tv/terms respectively. Cutting through all the legal mumbo-jumbo, it effectively gives us the ability to use a little more information from the APIs we use to bring your service onto Senshudo TV.

This information is in the area of what games you have played, how long you have streamed for and views on the service(s) you use (Twitch and UStream are the only services currently supported by this and we are requesting a similar level of access via Hitbox). This information will be used primarily to provide you feedback on your channel’s growth and to show you your successes.

We have included a snapshot below of how Senshudo TV’s very own channel is working at this point in time. As you can see, Ron’s time plugged into Legend Of Zelda is showing quite prominantly!


We are currently in the process of updating our games library to correctly categorise all titles properly to let you see what genres you fall into more easily. But that’s not all! In the future, you will be able to cross-reference this information with views gained to understand better who or what your audience is. This way, you can have the best chance of getting your chance to shine. Is that too much like micro-managing your stream for success? We don’t know but we want to give you the tools to find out.

Finally, these changes and improvements don’t stop here. We are looking at ways to help you use this information in ever more inventive ways. Ways that can hopefully benefit you in fantastic ways and help bring our community closer than ever. Fancy a few rounds of an FPS? Search out our FPS-loving bunch and offer to 1v1 them irl bro. Need a tank to round out your party? Search for our MMO guys and so on.

In order to provide you the best benefits we possibly can we may do one of two things. We may wish to share generic and non-identifiable information surrounding games played and genres prefered to give the community benefits from 3rd parties. Or, we may also seek your explicit permission to directly share your individual information in order to create a fantastic opportunity from a third party. We can’t stress enough that we will NEVER do this without your fully-informed consent on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, we want to hear from you all about these changes. Do you like them? Do you have concerns? Would you like to know more?

Thank you all for helping us reach heights we never believed possible a year ago.

Much love,

The Senshudo TV Team
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Seeing continued innovation like this makes me proud to call Senshudo my job!

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