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Hey everyone,

So since the new year we launched our updated website, improved a few things here and there across the board. And re-branded from LagSpike TV to Senshudo TV, now we're proposing a HUGE update to the site. We've been listening and getting feedback from everyone from people who just visit the site, to those joining us and we constantly want to improve and bring you the best experience.

Over the course of the next few months I will be working away on the new site with the feedback we've collected, posting a few previews from time to time. So what will be in the next version?
  • Profiles [Redesigned to integrate between forums, channels and comments on news]
  • Inbox [This system has been undergoing various updates]
  • Improved Layout [Providing better flexibility across all devices]
  • Twitch API Integration [Allowing you to follow channels directly from our site]
  • Improved Game Library
  • Shows [Find the latest episode of your favourite podcast from our partners]
  • And much much more!
[UPDATE 18th March]

Yesterday we pushed a few small changes to the site, one of the more noticeable changes was the change to default channel cards. Once a user signs up to the site with a channel the channel card will now be generated from a series of ten different background images. While we need to change one of those images do to it preventing the ability to read the channel name on the card, and a few others who's cards did not update. Users will still be able to customize their cards via the dashboard.

We're also hoping to start the roll out for majority of the site changes come May 1st, which will see many new features across the site. We've been testing and continuously developing new interesting ideas on how we can make the site enjoyable, interactive and a great place to come for live streams, community and all the latest in gaming news & technology. I can happily say the site will be more mobile friendly, as the update rolls out. This has been made possible with the constant feedback we get from our beloved community.

Our forums will receive an update also in the near future, a number of new things will also arrive finally in the forums such as "levels" for positing a certain amount of posts, this will be also viewable on your profiles. Another added extra we will be bringing to our forums is the ability for channels to have their own sub-section of which the channel owner will be moderator of. Another great way for you to interact with your viewers, and even potentially reach new viewers.

And as always please do send me feedback good or bad it will help improve the site and the community :)
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