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Dear loyal LagSpike members,

We would like to announce some changes in the site, how its run, and for the future. First and foremost, we are changing our name. When we first started out, we wanted to create a streaming team as well as bring you some fantastic news articles to bring everything together in one place. We feel we've achieved and exceeded our initial targets and created something pretty fantastic in the process.
Now we feel we want to focus more on you, the community. We want to improve and grow our community and interact with you guys a lot more than we already do. While it may seem a little cliché, we truly value every single member of our community and every time you come to spend time with us.

With this in mind (and after a LOT of deliberation) we are making the change to Senshudo TV – “The Way of the Player.” We really feel this distils our values into one word and one phrase.
To add to this, we are looking to bring our community a little closer. We want you guys to all meet each other (if you haven't already) and see some of the amazing content you put out each and every day. In future updates to the site, there will be the addition of a randomised raiding button for streams allowing you to pick a current Senshudo caster to visit after you end your cast and to bring your viewers along with you. What better way to show off the community spirit than to show your own followers something new?

We are also looking to begin arranging meet-ups (when possible) at the various events we visit throughout the year. A solid choice so far for our UK audience will be Eurogamer this September where Stewart (along with Sam from Nerd Junkies) will be in attendance to have a face-to-face chat with anyone interested in attending. We are also hoping to have this run as an actual event with Senshudo ambassadors on hand to help promote our community even further!
We understand that this name change may seem a little bizarre to some of you, and admittedly it is spurred on by other exterior reasons that are far too numerous (and frankly dull) to list. However, we feel this fresh new face will be the start of a new stage in our history and a platform for us to reach ever higher with you all at our side!

If you would like any further clarification on our reasoning behind this or would like to learn more about the changes we see in our future, feel free to get in contact with us at any time.

Long live Senshudo TV!

Stewart - Senshudo TV Co-CEO
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