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So After much discusssion with Adam this morning on Skype, Ive decided to make a forum post on what we've got planned for the website of Lagspike TV. Over the next few weeks I will be working on the forum skin to making more unified look and feel with the main website so that you can jump around the site pretty much easy as anything.

Currently on Stream channels
  • Instagib and Twitch TV integration
    Social network sharing
Planned Upgrades to the Stream Channels
  • Channel Banner
    Channel video lock (Lock to Instagib/Twitch or Youtube).
    Welcome to my Channel video (further details to be confirmed).
    About The Channel
    TV Guide (Can be turned off or on, if on provides the ability for subscribers with email notifications).
News & Reviews
Thats right we're bringing a news section to the site, where your be able to read, comment and rate or share the article.

Stream Applications
People wanting to becoming members of our awesome team of streams will be able to apply for a position to join our site through a selective application process. More News to follow.

Main Site Alterations
  • Google Analytics
    Google Adsense
    Channel Refresh button
    Admin / Staff / Streamer Panels
Now all I need is a Lagspike TV / Nerd Junkies hoodie :) someone make me one! This is just a few of the planned upgrades to the site, so stay tuned for more information soon! =D

Stewart - Senshudo TV Co-CEO
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