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So I’ve decided now every month I will post a topic entitled “State Of LagSpike TV” with the month name also captioned within the topics title, these topics will allow you our community to see what we’re working on, and what’s going on when it sounds “Dead”.

So what’s been going down in September?

Firstly while September will be one of the busiest months so far, with Eurogamer happening this week, remember to check out our website for the latest content on that. We’re also working on massive improvements to our API library, you may have noticed from time to time channels appearing online when they shouldn’t, or channels appearing offline when they should be online. This is one of our top priorities to get working. While this has been temporarily fixed we still from time to time see channels appearing online when they shouldn’t.

What’s our plan for the upcoming months leading to December?

Public Release
What do we mean by “Public Release” we’re going to be scrapping the whole “Request” to have your stream on our website, we’re going to be opening the platform of LagSpike TV so anyone can join as long as your over 18, as we are a mature community.
Also with the site going public this means and you’ve guessed a new site, with lots of improved loading times, less “hungry” on your browser.

We will be offering a degree of support to setting up an account with us, support tickets if you have an issue with the site, and much more.

We will be looking into establishing new partnerships to offer more streaming platforms under our API Library and much much more!

Now I bet as soon as you all saw “Memberships” you all freaked and thought you were going to have to pay to be here, the answer to that is NO. With memberships this allows us to separate normal members and streamers, by this the only difference will be that Streamers have a dedicated dashboard for their channel/channels.

Community News
We are always interested in what the community opinion is on their favourite games so we will be opening up our news section to allow the community to post news articles, reviews and more.

With the shows page, only “partnered” channels will be able to add their shows to the shows page more information regarding the “Partnered” option will be coming at a later date.

We hope to be looking at a release of late October to mid-November for the launch of the Public version of the site. With this we will also be updating our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies for legal reasons.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for LagSpike TV please reply to the topic.

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