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Hey JLogan, welcome to Senshudo! It's great to have you here and we're glad you seem so excited to join our community! We have a very active Discord server that you're more than welcome to join us at. There you will be able to chat to other like-minded streamers as well as share out your stream to y...

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Hey! Welcome to Senshudo! I did see your girlfriend's post a while back, so glad that you decided to join us too! I love how you've got a nicely set schedule for streaming. May have to join you in Overwatch sometime :D You might already be aware, Senshudo has a very active Discord server where other...

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Hey Matthew, welcome to Senshudo! What we wanna know is what you enjoy streaming, when you stream, and where we can follow your social media! As I see you're glad to join our community, I welcome you to join our active Discord channel which can be found by clicking this link. https://discord.gg/sens...

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Ho ho ho, Welcome to Senshudo! Happy to see that you've signed up and are excited to join us! What times do you most often go live? We have a Discord channel that a lot of the other community members are part of, and I welcome you to join in with us too! Just mention that you're a new user and you w...

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Hey Righty, welcome to Senshudo! Some of us play CoD games and Titanfall 2 but I think we're mostly PC gamers however there definitely are a few that play those titles on consoles too. What's your main platform? I'll make sure to drop you a follow and I'll stop by when I see you live next. We have a...

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What is the difference between ale and beer? i want to know the taste. how it is different. is ale more bitter or more sweet? or? So beer is the collective name for Lager and Ale which means that lager and ale are both beer. Anyway, ale or larger corresponds to the type of yeast used to ferment the...

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Hey Comics are wicked. I forgot to link up the Senshudo Discord earlier so I'll link it up now, there you're more than welcome to share some of your work in the self-promotion chat! :)


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Hey there, Dontblink039, welcome to Senshudo! I'm very sorry about it taking a few months to reply to your post, I hope you don't hate us- haha. It's great to see that you're actually very similar to us. A lot of us also play Overwatch, Jackbox, and now also Battlefield 1- of course, you can join us...

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Hey there, TheTorlay, welcome to Senshudo! I'm sorry it's taken me two whole months to get around here, I hope you don't mind! I will make sure to check out your stream from time to time and see some Minecraft action! What times do you go live? If you're not in already, we have a Discord server wher...

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Hey there Memered, welcome to Senshudo! I'm sorry It's taken so long to reply to your forum post, I hope you don't mind. so tell us about yourself? What and when can we expect to see you steaming? Don't forget to send us a link too! If you've not already joined, we have a Discord server with channel...

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Hey Pat, welcome to Senshudo! I've seen you in TheCreativeJenn's Discord server- I love your art. Let us know about yourself, what artwork are you currently working on? When will you stream? I look forward to seeing you live! I see you're already in the Senshudo Discord server so if you haven't alre...

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Hey HildaECarrell, welcome to Senshudo! It's great to see that you've taken the time to introduce yourself to our forums. Be sure to let us know where we can watch your stream and what games we can expect to see you play! Feel free to link your Twitch and Twitter here so we know where we can catch y...

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Hi guys im YoshiEffect i play a wide amount of games but i Normaly play games like Naruto Storm 4 aswell nice to meet everyone i also use happauge thats that lol :) Hey there! Welcome to Senshudo, great to have you here! I'm InnocentPeach, or just "Peach." I'm a content creator here- you'll see me ...

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Hey all,

Just letting you all know; feel free to connect to our official Discord server. Here you can voice and text chat with us all!

Connect by clicking on this link: https://discord.gg/0ZCkfASVUotZv196


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Hey Mr Queenie! First, I'm sorry it took a while for us to get back to you- we're here now, it's okay! We're delighted that you're excited to join Senshudo, we're more than happy to have you join our stream team! What kind of games do you stream? It'd be nice to know more about you :) If you want to...

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Hey there MrWeinnie! Welcome to Senshudo, you've come to a good place! So, what kind of games do you stream? What's your twitch link too? It's often a good thing to put in your introduction post ;) If you're interested, we have a Discord server, feel free to join us! https://discordapp.com/invite/0Z...

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Hey Dulayne

Peach here, I only just got to read your forum post, but welcome to the community!
So you're a Brummie ey? I'm not too far out in Wolverhampton. Hopefully when we're all at Birmingham for EGX 2016 we can see you there!

Again, Welcome to Senshudo from all of us!

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Welcome to Senshudo!

Here you'll find amazing news content, even more amazing twitch and hitbox streamers, and other nice things too.
I'm not so good at introductions but we're happy to have you hopping along!

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Hooray! Another Dota 2 player has joined the network! Welcome to Senshudo TV, I hope you enjoy your stay here. As always, I urge those Dota players to give me an add on Steam so we can play together, a link to my Steam is in my forum signature ;) Since you're happy to join us (and of course, we are ...

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Here you go ;) Our official TeamSpeak details are below. Sorry it took a while to get back to you!

The button you pressed to access the TeamSpeak server is linked to our old server, I'll flag that up immediately, thanks! ;)

Search found 81 matches