I agree to respect the assets of Senshudo and abide by the rules below prior to downloading. If I have any questions I shall contact our Support Team for clarification. If I ignore or refuse to follow these rules, Senshudo can revoke my right to use these at anytime.


“Assets” include, but are not limited to, the Senshudo name, logo, product shots, and photos/images included on this site. These rules all apply unless you have received written approval from one of our staff members.

  • Do not alter the Senshudo assets or use them in a misleading manner. This includes suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Senshudo, used in a way that confuses Senshudo with another brand, declaring a statement or opinion on our behalf.
  • Do not use the Senshudo assets in any manner for profit. For example using our logo on merchandise and selling it for profit.
  • Do not present or feature the Senshudo assets on websites containing content associated with pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
  • Do not use the Senshudo assets in a way that is harmful, obscene, or objectionable to Senshudo.

When naming your applications, products, domains etc., please DO NOT...

  • Use “Senshudo” in the name of your applications, products, domains, etc. This includes merely adding simple letter or number combinations (before or after), e.g. “senshudo1234”.
  • Register a domain containing “Senshudo” or any similar variations, which includes any misspellings or transliterations.
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including “Senshudo” or any similar variations.
  • Use “Senshudo” in the name of your application if it is being used with any other service(s).

Our Logo

Alternate Logos

Senshudo Colours

Light, but not white

RGB 239, 239, 239


RGB 137, 71, 71

Mid Blue

RGB 42, 51, 62

Dark Blue

RGB 21, 30, 37

Light Grey

RGB 58, 62, 65

Dark Grey

RGB 36, 40, 43