About Us

On January 9th 2014, Senshudo TV was born. The name Senshudo was derived from Japanese meaning “The way of the player”. We felt this was appropriate because of our ties and interests in playing video games.

Video game players have taken to watching live streams of other people playing games. Whether a person is interested in learning about a current game, interested in seeing a new game before purchasing, or just finding other players who like the same games, players have not had a single point of reference to go to find out information or to watch.

Senshudo TV is designed to bridge that gap. No matter what streaming service a streamer uses, they are able to use, broadcast, and give one set location for their viewers to view their stream. In addition, the viewer is able to find multiple like-minded streamers easily.

Video game players are interested in new games, new downloadable content, and forming communities around not only games but streamers. Senshudo provides original content as well as links to information our users want.

Senshudo TV is dedicated to promoting the video game industry from a player perspective. We believe video game playing is a healthy activity. By encouraging video game streaming and providing news and information, we will promote this view.

Our editorial content is from the players perspective. It will not be influenced by game manufacturer lobbying. Players want honest opinion, untainted by biased sources. Senshudo reviewers will provide that opinion.

Welcome to Senshudo TV.

Our Mission

To connect a community of livestreamers from a variety of different services and bring the latest gaming & tech news from gamers and tech enthusiasts into one central hub.